Hello world!

Welcome! And, thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Rachel Halper and I grew up in Great Neck, Long Island. I have also never blogged before, so world please forgive my super awkward first blog post. So yes, from day to day I go from being relatively ashamed of the jappy world I grew up in, or extremely greatful for it. Well, today I felt right in that middle ground. Met a lovely chair of the theatre department from Wayne State, who proceeded to instruct me to break up with my boyfriend(a joke of course, I think) or persuade him to move with me into the city. Well, I guess because I grew up on Long Island, and my family and his are still there, I have decided that it would be okay to stay out there. But, as that lovely gentleman tried to tell me, I’m an actor! I need to be where it is easiest to get to those wonderful and at times excruciating auditions and all the rest. And, why in the world would I stay with someone who kept me away from that, all the way in LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Island. It’s days like this that it makes me laugh that I still live in the burbs. I always swore that I would never live there permanently. But, something still keeps me here. He also made a lovely comment, that as an actor and a female, I need to be with someone who will absolutely adore me(can you tell he has a daughter). But, at the same time we need work as hard as the other in the relationship. OOOOOh, the lovely advice on life, love and the acting world from a complete stranger. A day in the life of me. Confusing, silly and sometimes just strange. You may be wondering, why in the freaking world would this girl use this story as the first to write about? Well, I’m sitting watching classic 30 Rock Episodes(I pride myself on quality late night tv watching), and for some reason it was the first thing I could think of. So, there you go. First blog post. BOOM! It may be also from having to record a video game voiceover audition after work and prepping for an audition at the Metropolitan Playhouse this weekend. Oh well, who knows? We’ll call it all of the previously mentioned. Love to you all! xoxo